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So, how did we get here you ask!? Some days we ask ourselves the same thing! :)


It all started with a T-shirt. 


In 2004, Ken & Julie Freeman made a custom T-shirt as a gift for their daughter, Elli. Friends and family LOVED the tee and Ken and Julie were inspired to create the Jelli Goods clothing line.


A few years later, Ken decided to merge his corporate promotional products expertise of 10+ years to enhance the Jelli Goods brand. Soon thereafter, Lindsay Frisby joined the Jelli Goods team and the growth continued. 


Fast forward to 2013, all while sustaining a flawless promotional products company, a retail clothing store was born, the team continued to grow, and the response from the community was enormous. Local schools, summer camps, sports teams, small businesses, and everyone in between joined our journey. 


In 2016, we jumped on the “minimalist” bandwagon and decided to really focus on what we were most passionate about. We closed the doors of the brick and mortar clothing store and moved our products online. It was a great move and allowed us time to grow our promotional products, spirit wear & group project divisions.


But we are not done yet! At the end of 2017, Ken & Julie decided they were ready to step back as owners and Lindsay decided to step up. Taking this opportunity to rebrand, Yellow Spoke was born. The name was inspired by Lindsay’s brother, Camden, who had the coolest yellow bike of all time! 


Cheers to the “happy thoughts”!

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